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lampwork jewelryLarge "Blooming" Lampwork (1S28) Floral Disc Bead Necklace with Swarovski Accents and Freshwater Pearls



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gift for herThere is an absolutely beautiful bouquet in this thick disc bead.This stunning focal bead is from Kaye Husko called "Blooming." The blooms are soft pastel colors of pink, violet and peach. They float on a transparent purple background with soft green stems, tiny leaves and curly tendrils. It's a beautiful work of art.I added Swarovski crystals at the top and bottom of the focal bead to add a touch of matching color and stabilize the bead on the headpin. The name Swarovski is synonymous with quality and their crystals are known for their clarity, brilliance, precision cuts and rainbow colors.I found freshwater pearls in a gorgeous plum color that worked so well with the bouquet of colors and alternated the pearls with tiny plum seed beads. Pearls are associated with purity, innocence, wisdom and sincerity. They are also known to promote prosperity and success. Wearing pearls encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty as it amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom.I like to make my pieces as flexible as possible, so I incorporate a chain extender so the length can be adjusted. I add a small decoration to the end of the extender chain, so it makes a nice little dangle at the back which adds interest if the wearer has short hair or is wearing her hair up. With this piece I added three inches of long and short sterling silver chain and another Swarovski bicone crystal.Another way to make the necklace more flexible is that I make the loop on the bead large enough that it slips over the pearls and the clasp. That way you can slip the pendant onto a nice ribbon, chain or leather cord...and the necklace can be worn without the pendant for a simple look. The final pictures show the pendant and necklace separately.The focal bead measures 1 11/16" (44 mm) from the top of the pendant loop to the bottom of the Swarovski crystal. The pearl necklace measures 19" to 22".To see more of my focal bead necklaces: www./shop/katarinasuzabella?section_id=10822516To enter my store and see more of my designs: https://www./shop/katarinasuzabella

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