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sterling silver, Childrens Sideways Initial Necklace - Sterling Silver Sideways Necklace



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Children's sterling silver sideways initial necklace. A beautiful handmade half inch sterling silver marquise oval bar necklace, you can choose any initial or symbol. \r\rI can stamp this sterling silver oval charm with an initial, design (choose from over 30 designs including Native American, Tribal and Spiritual symbols) or even a 5 letter name or word.\r\rThe sterling silver initial charm measures half inch long (12mm) and you choose the sterling silver chain length from the drop down menu above. \r\rOrdering is easy!:\r1. Choose your desired chain length from the drop down menu above.\r2. Choose if you would like a custom initial or design\r3. Leave all the respective info in the message to seller at checkout.\r\rMore children's jewelry:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios?section_id=13814023&ref=shopsection_leftnav_7\r\rSee our entire personalized jewelry collection here:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios?section_id=5866306\r\rOur necklace collection can be found here:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios?section_id=10465160\r\rMore quality sterling silver jewelry:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios/search?search_query=sterling+silver&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search\r\rBack to the shop:\rhttps://www./shop/MerCurios\r\r**Note: we are slowly moving all of our personalized & handstamped jewelry to a new home -- http://www.mercuriosjewelry. - please visit us there as well.**, childrens initial

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