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garnet, amethyst, jade beaded, gemstone, silver chain anklet, sterling silver rolo chain, red, purple, violet, green stone ankle bracelet for summer by LoveThemBeads\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99this anklet may look dainty and delicate but i wore spring, summer and and fall for 2 years straight with out taking it off and it stood up to quite a bit of torture with flying colors. this anklet is light weight, very comfortable and extremely attractive.the chain is a 1.5mm rolo sterling silver chain. i used argentium silver wire for the gemstone bead links. the clasp components are all sterling silver and the designer tag is stamped with 925 as well as my "B" logo on the other side.the gemstones are natural garnet, amethyst and nephrite jade.\u2714\ufe0f this listing is for one gemstone anklet\u2714\ufe0f select your preferred lengthplease keep in mind that i will need to alter the pattern slightly in order to accommodate your preferred length.--> if you do not see the length you need, please let me know so that i can edit this listing\ud83d\udccc for more sizing information see \ud83d\udd28 please allow 1 to 2 days for the fabrication of your anklet\ud83c\udfa8 each item is handmade and may vary slightly from the one pictured\ud83d\udcec upon completion your purchase(s) will be headed your way on the next available usps mail truck\ud83c\udf81 your purchase will be lovingly placed in a small cotton filled gift box, wrapped with colorful tissue paper and placed in a drawstring gift bag.\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030gift wrapping available as an add on purchase during the checkout procedure\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030look at the other anklets and bracelets i have for sale:http://www./shop/lovethembeads?section_id=11091028\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99\ud83d\udc49 custom orders welcomed\ud83d\udc4d contact me today.let's put our heads together and i'll make a custom listing for you.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99, ankle bracelet

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