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pendant, Rainbow Jasper Barn Owl Charm/Zipper Pull from Cornerstoregoddess



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Hoot Owl on an Autumn NightJASPER with a PRESSED GLASS LEAF and a SWAROVSKI CRYSTALwith BALI SILVER DAISIES and SWAROVSKI CRYSTALSThis barn owl, carved of jasper, sits beneath the leaves of an oak tree, seeing all. A pressed glass leaf, set off with a Swarovski crystal, dangles overhead. The owl is set off with a Swarovski crystal and Bali silver daisy. It drops approximately 1" (2.54 cm).Jasper is said to be a methodical and meticulous worker of practical, down to earth solutions. It has the ability to foster and nurture and its energy is used for grounding and protection. It is considered more effective if it is used for long periods of time because it works slowly. My charms are wire-wrapped , using sterling silver wire. They come with a sterling silver split ring so you can easily attach it as a zipper pull or charm. If you prefer, I can put on a tiny sterling lobster clasp or a larger silver-plated lobster clasp. Let me know which you prefer when you order. If you do not specify, I will assume the split ring. I can also attach a Pandora slider for a small additional fee. Just ask.My charms are handmade rather than mass-produced. When you purchase handmade, you are not only helping support independent craftpersons. You are reaping good karma., hoot owl

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