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The neurotransmitter anandamide plays many roles in our brains, including movement, appetite, pain, and memory. It is released in times of stress, and can make you feel that the world is gliding by and alter your sense of time. Some research suggests that it may be the source of the phenomenon known as Runner's High.Scientists discovered anandamide while looking for the natural molecule that fits the receptor used by THC, the main active chemical in marijuana smoke. The name comes from ananda, the Sanskrit word for "bliss."Not only does anandamide bliss-out our brains, it also helps us forget things. While, at first glance, that property may not seem very desirable, forgetting is actually an essential part of remembering. It is by sorting out what we need or don't need to remember that we learn and become wiser. (Anandamide reminds us: in some cases ignorance is bliss.)This pendant design follows the anadamide ring, where the long carbon tail wraps around your finger. In the necklace version, the tail forms a graceful curve, reminiscent of a rain drop. The necklace is made of solid sterling silver. The pendant is about 1.5 inches long and .75 inch wide. You can choose a 16, 18, or 20 inch sterling silver snake chain. It will arrive packaged in a little, recycled paper gift box with a tag about anandamide.......I'm scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna of Made With Molecules. I hand-make original, high quality jewelry and use Earth-friendly and people-friendly business practices. I live and work in a solar-powered sugarcane shack on the flank of an active volcano in Hawaii, and I donate a percentage of profits to environmental and science education nonprofit organizations. Please take a look at other molecular jewelry offerings in my shop. http://molecularmuse., thc

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