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These origami heart earrings are modern light weight stud earrings.They are the perfect birthday gift, 1st year wedding anniversary gift.It comes wrapped in a beautiful small gift box with option.They are attached with 925 sterling silver stud earrings or surgical stainless steel stud earrings.Origami heart earrings measure approximately 0.5"(1.2cm )in diameter.I made this small origami heart from an up cycled Japanese book pages.I trimmed it into small pieces and hand folded them into beautiful heart.Then, I carefully applied a non toxic lacquer until it gained a shiny polished finish. The lacquer finish protects the earrings from humidity and increases water resistance, and the toughness of the paper component.\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605MADE TO ORDER:Please allow me 3~5 days before shipping to create these unique rose earrings.Please note that as each heart is individually hand folded, tiny variations will occur\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605\u2605Thank you for visiting makico.happy creations!https://www./au/shop/makicohappycreations?ref=hdr_shop_menu, paper anniversary

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