Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beautiful Hessonite Garnets Teardrop Stone Necklace with Sterling Silver Beadshandmade necklace, Handmade Jewelryhandmade necklace, Ladies Accessory Birthday Gift Idea



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Wonderful Hessonite Garnets in shade that go froma Amber/Orange to Yellow. Two different shapes of these lovely stones. Put together with tiny Sterling Silverbeads and brushed Sterling Silver beads with a simpleSS clasp. This Gorgeous Necklace is a wonderful24" long and really eye catching. Garnets do come inso many shades beside red. Item will be shipped in a cloth Jewelry bag,perfect to keep the piece in or ready to giftto that special someoneItem will be shipped through the Post Office in a small Priority Flat Rate Mail box.Thank you for stopping in to take a lookat this beautiful Hessonite Garnet and Sterling Silver handmade jewerly in my Etsy shop., ladies accessories

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