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I don't pretend to understand the internet fascinations of teenagers... Sure, I get some of them: Grumpy Cat is adorable, and I think the weird transformations of Nicolas Cage's face are pretty amusing. But this Illuminati one confounds me. I mean, of course I've *heard* of the Illuminati, but I just don't get why it's hilarious to my kids and their friends. My daughter in particular will interject, "Illuminati confirmed!" whenever she sees anything triangular or in the shape of a pyramid.So, a little while back I found these teeny Czech glass pyramid eye beads. (from an Etsy shop too!! Covetable Curiousities. You should check them out - they have TONS of really cool and funky stuff for sale) I bought some and made my daughter's day by making her a pair of Illuminati earrings.And I had a couple of beads left over. So, I thought I'd make up another pair, offer 'em up in my shop, jump on the meme bandwagon, and hopefully tickle another teenager's funny bone. :-)Amber colored Czech glass pyramid eye beads with a pale brown 3D glass pyramid bead hang just over an inch below (for good measure... maybe it's DOUBLE Illuminati now, LOL) surgical steel posts.Your earrings will arrive boxed and ready for gift-giving.First class mail with USPS tracking.Thanks for looking!, illuminati

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