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When I started making my crawling eye dolls, I had some one ask me to make them a crawling eye they could carry around with them. So I started making these wearable Eye pieces. Your custom choker will be 15 inches or 38.10 cm in length.The toggle clasp will be silver or gold metal and the beading will be done over a velour covered cord. Your choice of eye is either cast resin or hand painted glass. When you purchase this order for a custom piece, let me know- 1. what color scheme you have in mind and what kind of beads you like. 2. Whether you want gold or silver findings. 3. What type, size and color of eye you want. This will allow me to pull beads, shells etc of different types and colors together and photograph them. Then I can e-mail the choices to you. Including the planning stages, you choker should take 2-3 weeks to complete. I like to give you the chance to take time to make choices when I send you photos of samples. Special beads or custom eyes are 20 to 30 dollars extra. In a separate order.My shipping charges include postage, the box, packing materials, and delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional. By e-mailing me your zip code or country, I can give you a more accurate shipping cost than the listed estimate. If there are any large overages on my part they will be refunded., custom choker

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