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shark week, XL Fossil Shark Tooth Adjustable Paracord Beach Surfer Necklace Fits Youth to Adult Boys Men Girls Women 11 Color Choices 7195S-M



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4.5mm diameter Paracord with an XL Fossil Shark ToothThese Fossil Sharks teeth are between 50 and 70 million years old, and are at least 1-1/8 inch (28mm) in length.Each tooth varies some in shape as no two are alike.Size: Adjustable, fits Kids and Adult NecksStyle no. 7195SWorn by SUP, Surfers, Shark, and Beach lovers everywhere.Choose from 11 solid colors.Use the drop down menu to make your selection(s).Quantity per selection 1Click the link below for Paracord Colors and styles -https://www./shop/GrassShackTrading?ref=profile_shopname&search_query=paracordClick the link below for more Shark Tooth Necklace styles -https://www./shop/GrassShackTrading?ref=profile_shopname\u00a7ion_id=12318481In stock. Shipped daily from Florida USA, beach

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