Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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And I do mean Singin'! The bottom handblown (but not by me) bead, in swirls of translucent cobalt and turquoise, floats below a smaller catseye bead in 2 lighter turquoise shades. They are separated by a textured silver collar with petals going up and down and a band of deep blue Swarovski crystals in the middle.It's all held together with a decorative Bali-style Tibetan silver headpin, and hung from a very long, very elegant French hook earwire.Top of earwire to head of pin length is just over 2 1/2" or 7cm, and these are very close to weightless. Equally at home with jeans or a ballgown.This piece should be fine under normal wearing conditions. I would, however, keep it outside car shoulder belts and away from animals and small children.Thanks for joining us on The Creative Block. We\u2019re happy to see you shopping or just browsing here any time, hope you\u2019ve found something you love and/or gotten new ideas, and would love to have you fan our Facebook page, And when you\u2019re done, do check out our supply shop, www./shop/FindingsbyLeslietsy for useful and interesting components for your own creations., bat mitzvah

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