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A delicate sterling silver heart, textured with roses, made with love. The hidden bail on the back is large enough for nearly any type of chain, and is positioned off-center so the pendant hangs at an angle. The heart is 1-1/4" long and just over 1/2" wide (3.2 mm x 1.5 mm), and as light and comfortable as can be. You can choose a sterling silver 16' or 18" chain (shown in 18" in last photo).I make this pendant in my home workshop by softening sheet silver with my torch, imprinting it with a lovely rose texture, and sawing out the heart. I curve it to add both style and strength, then solder the bail on the back before meticulously cleaning and adding a patina to highlight the texture. The back has been stamped .925 (sterling silver) and is signed and dated. Shipping in the US is first class with insurance.Shipping outside of the US (including Canada and Mexico) is first class, and cannot be guaranteed or insured. Please be aware that if you purchase from outside the US, I will make every effort to pack your item well, but cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur during shipping, and you are accepting full risk for the shipment of your item.Comments from my happy customers:"Do not hesitate to purchase this artisan's work. The neckring that I purchased is substantial, finely crafted and far and away better than anything I found in a retail store. This sculptured neckring is perfect!""The [jewelry was] amazing! The quality and workmanship was unbelievable.... Highly recommend working with her!" "Absolutely stunning! I can't quit looking at it! Thanks Lisa!"Read more about me here: http://www./people/silvervine?ref=si_pr#, love necklace

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