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Pink Cross Swarovski Crystal Snap Charm-Interchangeable Snap Jewelry-Polymer Clay Snap-Use in necklacessnap chunk, ringssnap chunk, braceletssnap chunk, earringssnap chunk, etc.



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This sparkly, pink cross Swarovski crystal snap charm is handmade with opal polymer clay and 21 Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are Indian pink and aurora borealis crystal. The clay is shaped into a cabochon then each individual crystal is placed in the clay. It is very easy to customize these snaps!This charm snaps in and out of a variety of jewelry which will soon be available in my shop including: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, key chains, etc. The charms can be interchanged in each item. It is a great way to personalize your jewelry and to save on space. The last picture shows the snap charm in snap jewelry (sold separately).The snap charm is 18mm in diameter which is slightly bigger than the bottom of a chocolate kiss. The knob size is 5.5mm. This snap is compatible with much of the snap jewelry available. It is zinc and lead safe.Customization is available.Thanks for looking!, snap chunk

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