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I used to be her angel now she's minesympathy gift, Mom Memorialsympathy gift, In Memory of Momsympathy gift,Remembrance-loss of mother Personalized Braceletsympathy gift, Free Shipping In USA



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As one is never ready for their loved ones to go and leave this World but one has no choice but to accept the Will of God. "I used to be her angel and now she is mine" a Beautiful way to express your remembrance and honor your loved ones by this quote.This expandable Bangle Bracelet has Angel Wing, Birthstone, 2 Hand Stamped Round Discs 1-Quote, and 2- Stamping of your choice as well as the year of birth and death as its charms.Please Mention Both the years before check out of this order. Thank You!You can add gift box or gift pouch with personalized card messagehttps://www./listing/255243626/gift-box-cards-from-fashionjewelryforeve?ref=listings_manager_tableClick on fashionjewelryforeve. to see my other designs. Each piece is carefully thought out and is my own original design.1. To live in the hearts Of those we love Is not to die.2. Nothing can ever take away Love the heart holds dear Your love will light our ways Your memory will forever be with us3. Always in my mind Forever in my heart4. God has called him/her Home to rest and He/She is being well taken care of5. God has you in his keeping I have you in my heart6. Those that touch our lives Stay in our hearts forever7. You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measures8. Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure9. Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure10. Thinking of you during These difficult time's We are so sorry for your lossWe wish you healing and peace.11. God has you in His Hands I have You In My Heart,12. I will hold you in my heart until I you in heaven13. Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.. unseen, unheard but always near, still loved still missed and very dear., loss of nanny

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