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ex voto, Victorian Hands Necklace - Reliquiae



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Mourning Jewelry - Victorian Hands neckpiece - Victorian Style - Steampunk Style - Memento moriThis collection is very special to me, as it is inspired not also by the Victorian Era jewelry, but also in myself, in my late feelings. Mourning jewelry existed since Renaissance but was introduced by Queen Victoria I to fashion when Prince Albert of England died in 1861. The court wore mourning attires for years, with paired black jewelry.This collection is all designed in black and white, with chandelier crystals, ex votos and relic-style pieces, which enhance the sense of life's fleetingness.This neckpiece is a statement piece yet very wearable, appropriate for any outfit, vintage inspired or not.More pieces of the collection here: https://www./shop/ecraftic?ref=l2-shopheader-name\u00a7ion_id=20195723More avant-garde adornments here: https://www./shop/ecraftic?ref=hdr_shop_menu, victorian

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