Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ocean Dream: Stonehandmade, Shellhandmade, and Wirework Necklace and Earring Set



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An elegant necklace and matching earring set with hand-crafted metal links that will frame her beauty. Example shown is made of dyed lace agate, fire agate, and shell beads with gold-toned metal & chain. Each necklace will be hand-made and absolutely unique. You must specify neck size. The one shown here is 17" and quite small. Earrings will consist of 3 matching stones. Color range can vary, as can materials--please inquire.In Notes to Seller, please specify:1. Length2. Gold or silver tonePlease allow 5-7 working days after we finish exchanging information for completion of the project. The price does not include shipping, which will likely be in the smallest flat rate USPS box (shipping overseas runs about $14 these days). I will refund any overage in shipping via Paypal., handmade

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