Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Black sequin balls hugged by Victorian-style findings, topped with a green lucite leaf. Summer light refers not to color, but to weight--they are almost weightless while maintaining a fashionable chunky look. Although light could also refer to the reflective glitter of the sequins. On largish lever-back hooks. These are lead-free, but I'm not totally sure about nickel, so if you're sensitive (or would just prefer a different hook) convo me and I'll change them. This piece should be fine under normal wearing conditions. I would, however, keep it outside car shoulder belts and away from animals and small children.Copyright:Artist reserves all rights protected underthe United States Copyright Act in all artwork prints/orother products purchased by the purchaser. The sale of a given artwork does not include any assignment, transfer, orlicense to purchaser of the right to reproduce, modifyor create derivative works of any artwork and/orproduct, unless such right is expressly granted in writingby the artist.Thanks for joining us on The Creative Block. We\u2019re happy to see you shopping or just browsing here any time, hope you\u2019ve found something you love and/or gotten new ideas, and would love to have you fan our Facebook page, And when you\u2019re done, do check out our supply shop, www./shop/FindingsbyLeslietsy for useful and interesting components for your own creations., black sequins

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