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This natural stone bracelet features faceted 6mm and 8mm Dalmatian Stone (often referred to as Dalmatian Jasper) faceted rounds.This dalmatian stone bracelet currently measures about 7 1/4 inches (this length can be personalized) from end to end of its Sterling Silver toggle clasp.Benefits of a fixed length bracelet? + Added security and longevity. The strong yet draping stringing material ensures it fits comfortably, stays intact, and lasts seasons to come. + The size shown above can be personalized. Just leave me a note at checkout with your size preference. Not sure of your size? Send me a message and we can work through the best length for your wrist.NOTE: Natural gemstones have slight variations making each piece perfectly unique.Stone Properties: Dalmatian Stone (often referred to as Dalmatian Jasper) is from the Feldspar family and brings about a joyous nature. With its adventurous spirit, it promotes freedom and self expression. The black spotting within Dalmatian Stone is Black Tourmaline.Create a matching set by looking through the rest of my dalmatian stone collection:https://www./shop/ThePeachTree?search_query=dalmatian+stone_________________________________________________________CUSTOMIZE ITPrefer it longer or shorter?Looking for more than one?The whole set?Send me a message and we can discuss the best way to make this the perfect piece for you. -----------------------------------------------------------All pieces are made one by one, by hand, by me, here in the Berkshires. Sign up for my wellness newsletter and receive 10% off your order!Just copy & paste the link below to confirm your subscription:, jasper bracelet

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