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watch collection, Vintage Ad Art Rolex Explorer Ref 1016 1960's 2 piece set of distressed home decor Cottage Chic style



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Vintage Ad Art - by Jonathan SebastianFor your consideration2 piece set of Hand Made Vintage ad art pieces ROLEX EXPLORER REF 1016 Ad from the 1960's promoting the Explorer line of automatic watches offered by Rolex.2 piece set from their 1960's marketing booklets. the front cover in the teal green/blue with the north star compass. The second piece is of the watch with red seal and details about the watchSize6" x 4" 5.5" x 4"Perfect for your home, office, study or cottage, Anywhere you care to indulge and share your hobby of watches and horology with your friends or family!made to be either wall hung by push pin or can be displayed in a art stand as show. Please contact me if you would like to include an art stand for display. Price is $3.00 per stand.perfect size to be displayed on your desk, end table or night stand.Each piece is hand made, one of a kind.This vintage ad was first laminated to a piece of 3/4" heavy grain wood to take on thecharacteristics of the wood, Then the painstaking task of distressing the piece just enough so that it has the feeling of being exposed to the elements over the decades. Some of these ads are from the 1950 and 60's or even earlier. I want to give the look that they are from that era.The idea behind each piece of art is to recreate something that may have been found in a barn or been attached to a fence or wood structure years ago and before the building was torn down, the ad the wood panels were removed from the building to save the ad for future appreciation.Each piece is unique unto its own as the distressing will be different on each piece. You can request either light, medium or heavy distressing and I will do my best to achieve the results desired while enhancing the charm and uniqueness of the ad.These unique are pieces are the perfect accessory to accompany your watch collection or to admire the ad design of decades ago.Custom order requests accepted. Size, distressing levels and other treatments to the wood, paint, stain , rough edges, etc.keep checking back for new ads and styles please feel free to ask any questions.Thank you for looking.* Rolex watch not included - Shown as an example of the style of watch portrayed in the art work.**Copyright belongs to its original owner. I have no affiliation with said company.Art pieces are being created for entertainment purposes only and not intended to represent the brand, rolex explorer

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