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Made with love for California Arts & Crafts history!! Looking for a personalized piece that recalls a romantic trip to Malibu or Catalina Island? My handmade miniature decorative tile jewelry can be that piece of jewelry you will cherish a lifetime! Here, my miniature Malibu tile reproductions are paired with glass enamel filigrees to create one of a kind artisan earrings! All components are handmade. The total width of the earring is 16mm or approximately a little under .75 inches. Total length of the earring is 6.5cm or a little over 2.5 inches.How do you do it?Paying homage to Bakelite and Lucite jewelry of the past, a vintage miniature Malibu tile design is recreated and printed by me on to 1/16th inch thick plastic. I then carefully coat the tiles in layers of glassy resin. The result is a tiny lightweight tile 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch (1.1cm x 1.1cm), that looks exactly like a miniature tile- minus the weight, dust, and lead of ceramic.The tiles are set on to romantic and irreplaceable 32 x 16mm red glass enamel filigrees. Lovely colorful melon shaped glass beads dangle below! Beaded handmade ear wires finish this piece of wearable folk art. This design is very rustic looking and a perfect gift for a world traveler.Don't forget a card! https://www./listing/190700321/greeting-card-mosaic-talavera-tile-print?ref=listing-0&nc=1I have been recreating history via miniature world tile jewelry for over 15 years and have been with ETSY since the beginning. I love and adore what I do! Thanks for visiting my sweet little shop by the San Francisco Bay!Back to Shop: CorinaCrooks., personalized jewelry

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