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the empty nest, Black Anime Notebook of Death Pocket Watch with 28 Inch Brass Chain



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Got geek - I surely do!My neighbor knows I make stuff out of recycled bits and pieces and is always bringing me little baggies full of broken things, belts, necklaces, charm bracelets, watches, rings and more. Well the latest thing I pull out of the bag of tricks was this little book. It needed a new battery so I put that in, added a long chain, and now it is the coolest pocket watch necklace!The mini book says "Death Note" on the front and the inside says something to the effect that the name of the person whose name is written shall die!Measurements: 1.3 x0.9 x0.39in. Easily adjust the time by pulling the knob and turning it and comes with extra battery too!, industrial watch

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