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earrings, Iridescent Fresh Water Pearl and Aqua Aura Pendant necklace earrings Jewelry Set II



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In creating this unique 20" necklace and earring jewelry set I selected a dark Aqua Aura double crystal, dark iridescent freshwater pearl-dyed nugget beads, gold filled wire wrap and 4 mm beads and a gold plated magnetic clasp. The Aqua Aura crystal is a natural quartz crystal that was coated with a fine layer of gold. The gold gives aqua aura crystals a beautiful iridescent blue finish. The first Aqua Aura crystals I can remember owning were rather light blue. I have not found affordable Aqua Aura crystals for some time until several years ago when I was finally able to purchase several at a reasonable price. The crystals I purchased are dark blue and breath-taking! The iridescent aqua aura crystal combined beautifully with the dark iridescent freshwater pearl-dyed nugget Beads These freshwater pearls have undergone a rich dye process leaving them vibrant in color and they are about 3.8 to 4 mm. The crystal is about 1 1/2" by 3/4"., aqua aura crystal

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