Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stainless steel pendant basechangeable, smallchangeable, 12mm x 30mmchangeable, 2changeable,5mm thread



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This is a stainless steel pendant base with a brushed finish and a thread size of 2,5mm. It is compatible with Rico (Sunset Boulevard) and a lot of other systems based on a 2,5mm thread size.Size: 12mm in diametre, length 30mmThis is the small variation, i also offer it as a bigger versionhttps://www./de/listing/109460281/edelstahl-anhanger-mit-25mm-gewinde?ref=listing_published_alertReady to ship.I offer beautiful handmade glasstops with a 2,5mm nut in my shop. You can screw them on both (ring or pendant) and change it with your outfit!https://www./de/shop/ChristianeImkamp?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=12150296All my beads are designed and handmade by me in my little studio in germany. I mainly use venetian glass from Effettre.They are anealed in my digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability., pendant

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