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charming, PINK ICE and Clear CZ Stud Earrings - White Gold Plated



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VINTAGE - NEW OLD STOCKThis lovely earring pair is from the Isabella Collection that I ordered for a former boutique I operated in Saratoga Springs, NY back in the late 1990's. During a recent move I found a box of this stunning jewelry that I had never even opened. I will be offering my entire inventory here in the LINDA LEIGH SHOPPE for your gift-giving pleasure (or a little self-indulgence). I am offering them to you at my price since I am trying to downsize, destash and retire. I have mostly rings, and a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Most rings are one of a kind, but I may have a few in different sizes.These earrings are so sweet and brilliant and comfortable to wear. They are approx. 1/2" round. The pink CZ stones are oval shape and the little white CZ's are round.I try to give as much information about each piece as possible. These fine pieces were made by a company that claimed they were fashioned exactly as their fine jewelry. The ISABELLA COLLECTION was "FIT FOR A QUEEN", yet "AFFORDABLE FOR HER HAND MAIDEN". All pieces come gift boxed. (Style of Box Varies), cubic zirconia

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