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The Style Watch Straps are made from selected hides of naturally tanned leather from local tanneries in Sweden. All straps are handmade and hand-stitched with saddle stitching. This strap has marked stitches by the lugs and buckle. The Style Watch Strap has raw edges and a clean look.KEY FEATURES:- Tapering up to 4mm- Thinn style leather 1.9-2.3mm- Spring bar buckle- Raw edges slightly burned- This strap goes well with little smaller watchesTapering brings a touch of elegance to this band. It starts out wider at the lugs and narrows toward the direction of the tail and the buckle to create a lovely curve. They have a lovely 60\u2019s-70\u2019s vintage look and fits watches with 18, 20, 22 or 24mm lugs. They go really well with watches from e.g. Rolex, Panerai, Tudor, Omega, Longines, and Breitling. All straps are custom-made for the highest possible quality. Featuring premium materials and craftsmanship, some are made in limited numbers only. Note! The watch is not included.DIMENSIONS- Length: Small 7/11, Medium 8/12, Large 9/13 cm. (Please make a not when check-out which size you want)- Thickness: 1.9-2.3mm- Solid 316 stainless steel buckle with a screw-in bar for solid construction.TAPERING18mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 16mm (at buckle)19mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 16mm (at buckle)20mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 16mm (at buckle)21mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 18mm (at buckle)22mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 18mm (at buckle)23mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 18mm (at buckle)24mm (at lugs) TAPERED to 20mm (at buckle)SIZE GUIDE The size of a two-piece watch strap is measured separately. The medium size strap: 120 / 80mm, where 120 mm represents the length of the longer side of the strap, from the watch lug to the tip of the strap. While 80 mm represents the shorter side of the strap, from the watch lugs to where the leather ends (not including buckle).To determine which strap size suits you, you may measure your old watch strap and choose a length similar to the strap you are currently using. Or, you may measure your wrist and refer to the sizes below:(measurements are based on 40mm lug-to-lug watch)"S" size - 110/70mm is suitable for 14,5 - 17,5cm "M" size - 120/80mm is suitable for 16.5-19.5cm"L" size - 130/90mm is suitable for 18.5-21.5cmOUR LEATHERThe leather has 1st grade, so it naturally has good quality and with proper use, it can last for a lifetime. With time the leather will gain it's own unique patina, as a result, you'll get a more rustic and vintage look. The more you wear the strap - the better it gets.The leather is a natural material. It is not waterproof. Please, don't swim wearing a leather watch band. In case if leather got wet please, dab off the excess of water with a towel and let it dry.SADDLE STITCHSaddle stitching is the benchmark for handmade stitching of any kind. Saddle stitching by hand requires more than one meter of cord in the average length strap, two harness needles, two hands, and a keen eye. An average strap has over 100 individual handmade stitch holes. A saddle-stitch offers a unique look that is to be found on very few products of today. It has a distinctive handmade look.We use high quality waxed Swedish linen thread.T\u00c4RNSJ\u00d6 TANNERYOur Leather comes from T\u00e4rnsj\u00f6 Tannery and is described by the tannery as follows:The art of vegetable tanning leather is thousands of years old. Since 1873 T\u00e4rnsj\u00f6 Garveri has been using these time-tested methods. Industrialization has allowed tanneries to offer standard hides at lower prices and many tanneries have chosen that path. We have not. Why?Because the aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is unparalleled and the patina that it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way. It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our environment.Learn more about T\u00e4rnsj\u00f6 leather: http://www.tarnsjogarveri.comFOLLOW ME:Follow me on Pinterest: me on Instagram: @micaelwahlbergFollow me on Facebook: other e-commerce:, watch strap 20mm

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