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Cake Studs Embrace Your Journey Collection Earringssterling silver, Studs Handcrafted by Chocolate and Steel. Piece of Cake Buy a Cake Silver or Gold



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Note about shipping: Most items ship within 1-2 days. Gold can take up to 5 days. Personalized items take 3-7 days.Your journey is yours, and it\u2019s as unique as you are. Embrace it!These cake studs symbolize "Once you realize that you don't need a special occasion to buy cake, the second part of your life begins."When's the\u00a0last time\u00a0you\u00a0made a\u00a0cake just to share with friends?\u00a0 It doesn\u2019t have to be a big production, and the simple act of baking one could improve your mental state.\u00a0 PSA - You don't need an occasion to buy, make OR eat cake!\u00a0 \u00a0Remind yourself to do what you need to do to create your best life with these tiny handcrafted cake\u00a0 studs, or even better, get them for a friend.\u2255\u2255\u2255\u2734 SPECIAL DESIGNS \u2734If you like this you should also take a peek at our unique take on the quote necklaces. Whether you like the subtle traditional look of the long bar necklace or are looking for something extra \u2734 special\u2734 we've got you!https://www./shop/ChocolateAndSteel?ref=l2-shopheader-name&search_query=variation\u2255\u2255\u2255GIFTSWe are SO happy to send gifts directly to the recipient. Choose "Gift" and tell us what you would like the card to say. Be sure to tell us who to sign it from.All jewelry is shipped in packaging worthy of gift giving and shipped in a custom Chocolate and Steel embrace your journey card and in a jewelry box. \u2255\u2255\u2255\u267b Environmental Impact and Sustainability \u267b These words of inspiration are GOOD for you and GOOD for the planet. See my profile to learn more about the materials I use (reclaimed silver) and the process ('tis magical):http://www./profile.php?user_id=5028141\u2255\u2255\u2255CUSTOM QUOTESDo you have a special saying you'd like on a necklace, ring, or bangle? Visit our list of customizable options:https://www./shop/ChocolateAndSteel?ref=l2-shopheader-name§ion_id=18743776\u2255\u2255\u2255The use of my photos to promote Chocolate and Steel is allowed (and encouraged) as long as the photos link to my site. Much appreciated:)\u2255\u2255\u2255Follow us on Instagram to see all of the latest\u2255\u2255\u2255 \u22d9MUST READ\u22d9FOR SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE OF THE US:\u22d92-4 weeks is typical to most places but it can take longer, and there's no tracking available once it leaves the US. \u22d9Please be aware that your government may impose import fees, taxes, or duties at the time of delivery. These are the responsibility of the buyer and I don't know how much they may be or if they will be imposed (but most likely they will). For information you should contact your postal service.\u00a92019 Christine StreetThe Artist reserves all reproduction rights. No work may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever with out express, written consent of the Artist., sterling silver

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