Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mandala Necklace on Soft Leather infinitely adjustable cordmeditation, Yogameditation, Aromatherapymeditation, Hippymeditation, Boho 1"



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This is a beautiful handmade ceramic pendant. The design is pressed into the wet clay. Then it is painted by hand with beautiful colors that blend and complement one another. The cord is cut by hand out of a large and velvety soft piece of reclaimed leather. This particular piece of leather was left over from a pilot reupholstering his airplane seats. The cord is secured by a handmade leather bead that slides to any length you want. I prefer cords that are endlessly adjustable to wear with any top or outfit. I like to cinch them up choker style while doing any sort of exercise or yoga (downward facing dog) to keep the pendant out of my face.The back side of the pendant is painted with a matte under glaze. It is absorbent and unsealed. You could add essential oils to the back side to use the necklace as an aromatherapy tool.The pendant is ceramic and kiln fired. It is waterproof. The last photo shows the sliding leather bead. It can be moved up or down for a long necklace or a tight choker style. The length is up to 36 inches. (that's long, about to the belly button), essential oil

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