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seed bead braceletOn Earth and in Heaven - Always My Baby Memorial Morse Code Seed Bead Wrap Bracelet, Sympathy or Rememberance Gift for Loss of Loved One



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remembrance giftOn Earth and In Heaven - Always My Baby Memorial Morse Code Seed Bead Wrap Bracelet or Necklace, Sympathy or Rememberance Gift for Loss of Loved One Custom Made to Order with Silver, Black and White Seed Beads by LoveThemBeads i use morse code, a series of dots and dashes, to represent the desired message with different colored beads.the larger 'E' beads are used to represent the letters.white = dotsblack = dashessmaller beads separate letters and words\u2b50\ufe0f ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN - ALWAYS MY BABY\u2714\ufe0f morse code necklaces are so fun to wear. you can freely express yourself and no one will know. that is unless they can read morse code.\u2714\ufe0f wonderful for everyday wear! my seed bead jewelry is made tough enough to put on and leave will love wearing my seed bead jewelry and you will be back to order more!\ud83d\udccc what size do i need for a wrap bracelet?multiply the bracelet size you normally wear by the times you want it to be wrapped.for example 7.5 inch bracelet x 3 wraps = 22.5 inches--> if you do not see the length you need, please let me know so that i can edit this listing\ud83d\udcec i will make your jewelry and place it (them) in the mail within the next 24 to 48 hours\ud83c\udf81 your purchase will be lovingly wrapped in a small amount of bubble wrap and colorful tissue paper and placed in a drawstring gift bag.\ud83c\udf80 gift wrapping available as an add on purchase during the checkout procedureall seed beads are hand strung by me in my studio with a very sturdy, yet supple, kink resistant nylon coated 49 strand stainless steel cable.all closure components are solid 925 sterling silver - not plated or silver filled i can not guarantee that your jewelry will not break... for we all know that there is NOTHING on the face of this earth that can not be broken... but i can tell you that i have been pouring my heart and soul into making the best quality, most comfortable and longest lasting jewelry since 1996 and i stand behind my product and my craftsmanship.\ud83d\udc49 custom orders welcomed\ud83d\udc4d contact me today.let's put our heads together and i'll make a custom listing for you.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99

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