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mad max costume, Dark Asphalt Grey Leather Cuff Bracelet - by UNEARTHED



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A brand new UNEARTHED Signature Silver Lined Cuff!\rAn absolutely refined and simply elegant leather - 100% genuine lambskin, buttery soft finish, and utterly exceptional in quality.\rThe color is a deep, dark, solid asphalt grey. It is not a black, and definitely distinguishable from black, but is intense and rich and just as versatile.\rThis is truly one of the most beautiful grey colors we've come across, and we LOVE the color grey! It is austere without being too dark, but dark enough to be dramatic and bold.\rThe grain is lovely and the leather itself is extremely soft and supple and nothing less than luxurious to the touch.\r\rThe interior is silver plated, and will fit a variety of wrist sizes, from 5" to over 8". It is adjustable, with the right gentle technique. \rMeasures just over 2" tall.\r\r\rPlease note: \rThe vast majority of our materials are by-product leathers. Please see our profile for more detailed information on who we are and what we do!\rThank you for looking!, post apocalyptic

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