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ends, Antique Silver SIGNATURE STAMPING TAGS Blanks 7mm Drops Round Textured Backs 30pcs



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Small antiqued oxidized silver plated brass round tags useful as drops at the end of necklace chains to create a more finished look. Since they are thin flat metal they could be engraved or stamped on one side as fancy signature/monogram tags. Basketweave texture on one side, plain and smooth on the other. Approx. 1mm hole.*Last Pkg Available*Condition: newColour: dark matte antique silver (like old pewter)Quantity: 30pcs per pkgSize: 7mm (approx. 5/16") diameterCRAFT SUPPLIES: My inventory is "de-stash", which means I am liquidating leftover stock. What you see of this item is all I have available, so once it sells out it is gone forever.** PLEASE SEE SHIPPING & RETURN POLICY BEFORE PURCHASE**http://www./shop/artofadornment/policy-----------------------------------------------------------------~ Art of Adornment links ~Main Web Shop: http://www.artofadornment.caEbay:, round

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