Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Long beaded earrings. Vintagelong beaded earrings, antiquelong beaded earrings, and new seed beads.



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Hi, and welcome!I am closing the Etsy shop, and all items can be found at https://thejadedog.square.siteAntique, vintage, and new glass seed beads strung on super strong nylon thread and hand knotted.Lettered choices shown in pics.A, 3.75"C, 3.5"D, 5.5"F, 5.25"G, 5"H, 5.25"S, 6"T, 5.5"U, 6.25"V, 4.25"W, 5.25"X, 4.5"Y, 5"Z, 6", turquoise earrings

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