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Zephyr - Pink Tourmaline gemstone ringgift for woman, handmade



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If silver rings were shaped by the wind, this is what I believe would be the results. Of course each one would be a bit different, just like my rings which are all handmade. I sit at my workbench and let the gemstone talk to the silver until it forms something beautiful. The gemstone that did the talking in this ring is an unusual cut of Pink Tourmaline. It is more of a teardrop shape or think pear with an inward curve of one side. The stone is beautifully faceted though that does not show up in my pictures. This tourmaline is about 8mm x 5mm and weighs in at .85 carats.The Sterling Silver band was handcrafted by me and is one of a kind. The silver flows around the finger, in and out around the gem. Overall it is about 12mm wide near the gemstone and 2mm wide on the palm side. The silver is highly polished so you are seeing lots of reflection in my pictures. Life is too short to wear ordinary jewelry!This ring is a size 8.My rings come in a lovely ring box tied with a ribbon. It will be beautifully packaged and will arrive by insured mail within the US. For my international customers, I use First class mail with a custom's tracking number. Some countries charge tax or duty which will be the responsibility of the buyer., solitaire ring

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