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ready to ship, Vintage Victorian Sterling Silver Pencil Holder Necklace - Chatelaine Necklace - Full British Hallmarks



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This is a vintage sterling silver pencil holder. It has been lovingly restored to working condition. The pencil holder includes a sliding mechanism so that the pencil can be lengthened or just moved up as it is used. I have included a slim pencil, which fits inside the tube, and the mechanism works and it can be slid along the slit in the tube. This kind of pencil holder would have been a part of a Victorian chatelaine piece with other silver household tools, such as scissors, a matchbox, a watch, etc. as needed by the wearer, and pinned to the hip. You may recall Mrs. Hughes of the Downton Abbey television series was outfitted with one. This pencil holder is fairly plain with minimal decorations, giving it a more modern feel. There are some lovely stripes on the slider and the pencil end has a few layers of rims. The restoration includes tapping out several dents and polishing out some scratches and giving it a good cleaning. It was pretty crushed when I received it, but I believe this piece was worth saving, don't you? It still bears the signs of long use. I have looked up the Hallmarks to read: Sterling silver, Assayed by Birmingham, England assayers in 1887, and made by the silversmith, J. Adelman. The pencil holder measures 70mm (2 3/4") long from the top of the jump ring, and is 13mm (1/4") in diameter. The pencil included extends about 18mm (3/4") beyond the holder when fully inside and the mechanism can be slid about 35mm (1 1/5") further. The included pencil has a dark green paint on the outside of it and fits very snugly inside - It is replaceable with a slim pencil. The chain I have added is not vintage. It is a 24 inch diamond cut ball chain. It will ship in a gift box with insurance. If you have any questions about this piece, please contact me., 1887

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