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-Lightweight handmade clay stud earrings. This fun, original piece is made by layering the clay elements before baking. Earring post is hypoallergenic, nickel free. Each piece is lovingly conditioned, rolled out, cut, baked, sanded, painted, sealed, and assembled by my own two hands. -Each pair are handmade by me so please allow for slight variations or imperfections in the color or shape. I create all of my pieces, mixing my own colors, shaping the clay, sanding, sealing, and assembling them in my own home.-Earring care: All clay items are made from non-toxic pvc based polymer clay. I lovingly condition, color mix, cut, shape, cure and finish each piece by hand. Polymer clay is very durable and strong but not indestructible and so needs to be cared for properly. I use nickel free silver finished brass findings. They are hypoallergenic and should be fine for most people. The best way to care for your jewelry pieces is to store them in a cool dry spot out of direct sunlight and somewhere it wont easily be scratched. Polymer clay is somewhat porous and light colors can scuff easily. If you find there are marks that are not easily removed with a damp cloth you can use a q-tip or cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol, the strength doesn't matter, and gently rub the stain away. Do not do this on earrings that have a metallic finish as the alcohol with effect the varnish protecting the finish. You can get your earrings wet, but please avoid showering and swimming in them. Extreme heat can soften the clay, so please do not leave them in your car in the summer., colorful statement

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