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letter to the leaves pendula enamel earrings / lime greenlime, lemon meringue yellowlime, burgundy red



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This brand new pair of pendula is magically both vibrant and subdued and perfect for any season. by incorporating analogous and complementary colors, these have a wonderful versatility that makes them easy to pair with a wide range of outfits.i've been dog sitting lately and the long strolls with the best golden retriever in the world have been lovely chances to stop and smell the flowers. what i love about september and october is the range of hues in the leaves--the yellows and oranges mellowed by still green grass and foliage, and the deep wine red burgundy of the maple leaves that always seem to scatter in the driveway before all the other leaves.this lime avocado green is my all-time favorite enamel, paired with a soft lemon meringue yellow, and a dark brick burgundy red.pendula vary in length from 2" - 2.75" (5 - 7 cm). ear wires and findings are sterling silver. disc backs are heat patina'd copper, huffalo stamped, and sealed with lacquer., yellow

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