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wirewrapped bracelet, Fidget Bracelet - Dainty 14kt Gold Filled Wirewrapped Bracelet - Gold Bangle - Anxiety Jewelry - Sensory Bracelet



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A delicate bracelet featuring three strands of 14kt gold filled wire pulled open in a dainty pointed design. Along the center wire, 5 small 14kt gold filled beads float easily back and forth. A sweet little bracelet that may provide an unobtrusive calming activity for women or girls who have anxiety or other sensory issues, but is still a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.The sturdy built-in hook and eye clasp is easy to get on and off by yourself. Choose the size variation that will fit you most comfortably!Also available in sterling silver.Add on a jewelry polishing cloth to keep your bracelet--and ALL your jewelry--shiny clean! https://www./listing/732310828/jewelry-polishing-cloth?ref=listings_manager_table, teen jewelry

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