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Crushed Glass Cuff Braceletadjustable bracelet, Peach and Cream Fused Glass in a Rose Gold Plated Settingadjustable bracelet, Fused Glass Jewelryadjustable bracelet, Handmade One of a Kind Bracelet



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The first step in creating this one-of-a-kind bracelet was combining peach, French vanilla and clear crushed glass, (in my own proprietary blend) and fusing in a round mold.After firing the glass is cleaned, inspected, and cold worked if necessary. If the glass is cold worked, it goes back into the kiln for fire polishing, if not, then it is ready to be finished. (shaped) into a 1\u201d cabochon then it goes back into the kiln for fire polishing.Lastly, the glass cabochon is glued into a sturdy rose gold-plated bracelet blank that is slightly flexible.The glass cabochon and setting is approximately 1 \u00bc\u201d in diameter and the bracelet opening is approximately 2 \u00be\u201d in diameter and will comfortably fit a 7 inch wrist.The bracelet will arrive in an anti-tarnish plastic bag for long term storage because if silver-plated jewelry is left out for long periods of time and not put away after wearing, it is likely to tarnish more quickly. Excessive tarnishing will then cause pitting.All of the items in my shop are made by me in my home studio., handmade jewlery

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