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5 Silver SCALLOPED Coin Charms 30mmpendants, VINTAGE Afghanistan



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DIMENSIONS: about 1-1/4" from top of loop to bottom edge of coinQUANTITY: 5 (five) charmsTHIS IS THE GOOD OLD STUFF!~You will receive a RANDOM lot of 5, all silver and all with beautiful scalloped edges. Some have brass or coppery hanging loops. Each coin is handcrafted into a charm, so each is slightly different.PLEASE NOTE: These are silver, not reddish as the photos might make them appear.Lot of 5 coin charms from Afghanistan, with silver hanging loops soldered on. And these are all scalloped on the edges. Mostly the same coins, with some variation. Scallopy, scallopy!\u2665 Perfect for boho, festival, all pronouns, world beat, tribal style jewelry.\u2665 These look great with coral, turquoise, Hill Tribe silver, trade beads and "mountain coral" -- those red glass beads from the Himalayas.\u2665 I love these for that handmade, repurposed, found object look.\u2665 Boho knotted macrame necklaces\u2665 Belly dance belts\u2022\u273b \u2022=====\u2022<\u273b \u01b8\u0335\u0321\u04dc\u0335\u0328\u0304\u01b7\u273b >\u2022=====\u2022\u273b \u2022Unique, vintage & handcrafted items for the discerning craft FaNaTiC\u2022\u273b \u2022=========\u2022<\u2665>\u2022=========\u2022\u273b \u2022P O L I C I E S : Read my Shop Policies here: http://www./shop/seriousbeader/policy and if you have any special needs, please don't hestitate to contact me. P.S. I love custom orders. :-) ~Mary T., silver coins

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