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rough cut stone, citrine necklace on 14kt gold fill chain for minimal spring fashion mothers day



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A citrine pendant necklace strung on a delicate 14kt gold filled chain. The perfect minimal, modern necklace. Perfect for layering or wearing all by itself. The citrine stone is a rough cut, beautiful translucent stone that reflects light with a golden yellow color.\r\r\u25b6 Citrine necklace measures 17.25" (43.82cm)\r\u25b6 Citrine stone is about .5" (1.27cm)\r\u25b6 Chain is 14kt gold fill\r\u25b6 Necklace closes in the back with a clasp\r\u25b6 Clasp, wire and all components are 14kt gold fill\r\u25b6 Each citrine stone is unique // you will receive a different one than pictured\r\u25b6 Want a different length? (20in max) Just let me know when you check out\r\r\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6 A Few Notes \u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\r\r\u25b6 Materials: Highest quality 14kt gold-filled chain and stones to last a lifetime\r\u25b6 Repair policy: Just in case something happens, you're covered!\r\u25b6 Flat Rate Shipping: Add as many items as you want with one low flat rate.\r\r\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6 Jewel of the Month Club \u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\r\rWant to build your jewelry collection with super fun pieces, at a huge discount? Every month, I offer one piece of jewelry on super duper sale. Join the club for free to find out what the new piece of jewelry is each month! Find out more and sign up here:, citrine

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